Van Gaal: Mary did not return to Manchester United


Manchester United beat Barcelona 3-1 made the United States the line and the warm-up victory, Louis van Gaal after the game interview talking about the perception of the game, and responded about Mary and Degea transfer rumors.

Mary and rojo scheduled rendezvous today local time with Manchester United, but the two did not board the plane to the United States, Louis van Gaal after the match, said:. “I heard that Mary is not in the plane, on the plane Rojo nor Romania Huo is because the passport issue, but I do not know how Mary did not board the plane. ”
Earlier it was “L’Equipe”, “Daily Mail”, “Mirror” and other media reports, the Argentines will join Paris Saint-Germain. Interestingly, a warm-up match Manchester United next opponent is Paris Saint-Germain.

In addition to Mary rumors, Van Gaal in the interview also talked about today’s injured Bastian Schweinsteiger, Van Gaal expressed the hope that “pig” to catch the next game and the match in Paris. “He needs to prove himself, I hope he can participate and Paris Saint-Germain’s game, let us look at his performance can not be able to impress me.”

Van Gaal continued: “Last year we won the Champions League, Real Madrid at the time, and now we beat Barcelona, ​​this shows that we can beat the top European team, of course we have some luck, Barcelona’s third shot hit the post, however. I am very satisfied with the team’s performance in the second half of young players play, you can see their spirit of hard work, we have created with Barcelona as many opportunities today, this is my most satisfying. ”

As to the issue of media attention Degea transfer, Van Gaal said he was not sure how Degea future at Manchester United: “I really hope Degea able to stay, but in the world of football, you can not predict will happen in the future what.”