Manchester United total 32,000,000 signing Barcelona knife

According Goal sports news, Manchester United and Barcelona on Pedro’s transfer agreement, but now will not leave Barcelona Pedro immediately after playing at least until the European Super Cup with Barcelona to complete the transfer.

Goal revealed that Manchester United have negotiated a fee with Barcelona, ​​Pedro’s transfer fee will be 18.1 million pounds, that is 26 million euros, plus 4.2 million pounds (600 million) of floating provisions. But Barcelona is about to usher in the European Super Cup, the club will face Sevilla in the next week, so Barcelona Pedro wants to be able to stay with the team in the European Super Cup, the team has become an option.

Messi with Neymar just rejoin the training, the body can enter the rhythm is not yet known, many people think that the two of them difficult to play for 90 minutes. Thus, Pedro also act as an important role in Barcelona, ​​which means that the first round of the Premier League Manchester United and Tottenham, there will be no Pedro figure.

In June, Pedro complete the contract with Barcelona, ​​he signed a four-year contract extension, then Pedro liquidated damages of up to 150 million euros, but Barcelona and Pedro Roda into an agreement to allow Pedro Luo below the liquidated damages fee to leave Barcelona. Pedro is currently not discuss the contract with Manchester United, but he was keen to complete the transfer. Since last year, Suarez joined Barcelona, ​​Pedro’s playing time is further squeezed.

Pedro as Barca played 318 games, scoring 98 goals. Barcelona coach Enrique repeatedly stressed that the Pedro to stay in Barcelona.

Manchester United this week a formal offer Barcelona a sharp knife

Over the past two seasons at Barcelona’s Pedro flies and unhappy is seeking the transfer, while the integrated Spanish and British media reports, “Sabres’ next stop will likely be at Old Trafford.

“Marca” reported in about Pedro said Van Gaal and the club have decided that this week will be out of a formal offer of the Spanish winger, transfer the amount of 25 million to 29 million between the euro. After last season, Pedro and FC Barcelona have reached agreement over this summer once the team raised more than 25 million euros offer, Barcelona will offer to start negotiations with the team, while Manchester United’s offer apparently has reached this threshold ʱ??

“Marca” reported that the Barcelona coach let Pedro Enrique reluctant to leave, but the player himself strong desire to seek more playing time is a key factor contributing to the transfer. Pedro has been a friend said he wanted to leave Manchester United to join Barcelona.

British media reports also confirmed that Manchester United for the “Sabre” interest. “The Sun” reported that Pedro was the first target of Manchester United is currently on the transfer market. In an interview, Manchester United coach Louis van Gaal said the team still need to improve, but will only purchase can contribute to the team’s players. In Van Gaal view, Pedro outstanding ability manufacturing Murder moves without the ball is in line with this requirement. “I’m very confident he can adapt to the rhythm of the Premier League.” Van Gaal said.

Although Pedro’s battle is now in a leading position, but still face competition from Chelsea, Manchester United and Liverpool. For the Red Devils, the good news is that a Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has said that Pedro was not their favorite candidate.

Portuguese accept the “Sky Sports” interview, he said the team at the winger position already have enough reserves. “I’ve got five winger. If there is one person left maybe I would be interested in introducing a new candidate, but now (this position) have to ensure the quality and quantity, and balanced enough.” Mourinho Say.

But perhaps Van Gaal and Mourinho’s position will not feel happy, “Mad Men” is not limited to psychological warfare before the game, the pre-season transfer market also need to guard against. If this is Mourinho release the smoke so that others relax their vigilance, but secretly muffled fortune to win Pedro, that Van Gaal would be a belly grievances really do not know where to start. Thus, with regard to the transfer Pedro, before the dust settles remains to be seen.

28 year-old Spanish winger has been in the last season in the shadow of Barcelona MSN, despite 50 appearances for the club and scored 11 goals, but mostly in the second half off the bench. For the 2016 European Cup Spain’s position, “Sabres” I hope to get enough playing time in the new club.