Real Madrid 1 + 1 scheme given alternative Degea


Qi Cheng surveyed fans that Real Madrid should wait until next year to sign De Gea summer, while Real Madrid are close to signing an alternative: Espanyol Casilla.

According to the survey, “Aspen Daily” website, at 13,000 fans that 70% believe that in the new season with Real Madrid should play the main Navas, and wait a year to go free to sign De Gea, but not in the summer flower a lot of money from Manchester United [microblogging] [microblogging] buy.

Training camp in Australia, Navas has returned to training, he told Real Madrid, they are not ready to give Deh Adam bench, if Degea come, he will seek to leave.

Real Madrid have in fact prepared an alternative, “Marca” and “Aspen” also disclosed that Real Madrid are close to signing Espanyol goalkeeper Casilla. The latest development is that Real Madrid will offer upgrade from 4 million euros to 600 million euros, the negotiations have entered into “an advanced stage.” Spaniards also want Real Madrid attacking midfielder Asensio added to the transaction, the latter end of last season just Mallorca to join Real Madrid.

“Aspen” said, according to Real Madrid, “1 + 1 for the record,” after signing Casilla, the Spanish and the country will share the gatekeepers Navas
Duties, it is possible to arrange Casilla hit La Liga, Champions League Navas hit.

Free to join him next year subsidy Degea 5000000

Real Madrid hope Casey’s departure to become a prelude to the introduction of Degea. Bernabeu executives believe they have cleared the way for the introduction of Degea now Degea to take action right away. “Aspen” believes that the biggest obstacle is Manchester United, Van Gaal said that if Real Madrid’s offer can not reach 49 million euros, it will not put Degea leave, while Manchester United is also trying to transfer and Rameau Degea Adams and Navas hooks.

In such a case, Real Madrid hope Degea can take a step, untie the knot of negotiations with Manchester United. However, Real Madrid also left FLAC, once Degea pressure on Manchester United to no avail, that Real Madrid would prefer to wait until next year to introduce Degea not promise high demand of Manchester United. Wednesday’s “Marca” played “Bind Degea” in the title, he said in the introduction Degea problems, Real Madrid came up with a brilliant idea: If you can not persuade Manchester United to release this year, and that Real Madrid will subsidize Deh Asia 5 million euros, so the Bernabeu next year can not spend a penny to introduce Degea.

De Gea has been very clearly told Manchester United that he wanted to leave Old Trafford, for which he rejected Manchester United’s contract requirements. The negotiations did not result, Degea Van Gaal insisted that he wishes to return to La Liga is. But so far, Degea pressure on Manchester United did not play much of a role, Real Madrid Manchester United put one hand in persuading people, on the other hand also hope Degea taken key steps, such as public “rebel.”

“Marca” revealed that Real Madrid would now like to introduce Degea top that has been very difficult, Manchester United has always adhere to the “two-for-one” principle, namely Real Madrid Nalamosi and Navas Degea change, but such Real Madrid top request was seen as a provocation. In the case of Casey left, Real Madrid will not sell Ramos and Ramos after Real Madrid to set the price is 90 million euros, Real Madrid can not Nalamosi enchant Degea, also labeled a Navas .

According to “Marca” saying, Degea somewhat aloof, but now it means that if the two clubs could not agree on it, he would not renew the case again at Manchester United until the year so that he can be next year free body transfer Bernabeu. Degea know, if he does not renew, not only facing economic losses, as well as Van Gaal may face the risk of being consigned to limbo, but Real Madrid are willing to subsidize his specific figures have come out: 500 million euros.

Interestingly, last summer, Manchester United and Degea almost reached a contract agreement, but the two sides did not sign. Week, two weeks, one month …… Degea do not know why the club not to renew with him. Later, he realized it was Van Gaal ordered a halt Degea renewal, because he wanted to introduce Navas. But Costa Ricans were away to Real Madrid, Manchester United Degea rest, and to re-open negotiations, the results of this Degea not agreed.