Van Gaal: Mary did not return to Manchester United


Manchester United beat Barcelona 3-1 made the United States the line and the warm-up victory, Louis van Gaal after the game interview talking about the perception of the game, and responded about Mary and Degea transfer rumors.

Mary and rojo scheduled rendezvous today local time with Manchester United, but the two did not board the plane to the United States, Louis van Gaal after the match, said:. “I heard that Mary is not in the plane, on the plane Rojo nor Romania Huo is because the passport issue, but I do not know how Mary did not board the plane. ”
Earlier it was “L’Equipe”, “Daily Mail”, “Mirror” and other media reports, the Argentines will join Paris Saint-Germain. Interestingly, a warm-up match Manchester United next opponent is Paris Saint-Germain.

In addition to Mary rumors, Van Gaal in the interview also talked about today’s injured Bastian Schweinsteiger, Van Gaal expressed the hope that “pig” to catch the next game and the match in Paris. “He needs to prove himself, I hope he can participate and Paris Saint-Germain’s game, let us look at his performance can not be able to impress me.”

Van Gaal continued: “Last year we won the Champions League, Real Madrid at the time, and now we beat Barcelona, ‚Äč‚Äčthis shows that we can beat the top European team, of course we have some luck, Barcelona’s third shot hit the post, however. I am very satisfied with the team’s performance in the second half of young players play, you can see their spirit of hard work, we have created with Barcelona as many opportunities today, this is my most satisfying. ”

As to the issue of media attention Degea transfer, Van Gaal said he was not sure how Degea future at Manchester United: “I really hope Degea able to stay, but in the world of football, you can not predict will happen in the future what.”

Free to join him next year subsidy Degea 5000000

Real Madrid hope Casey’s departure to become a prelude to the introduction of Degea. Bernabeu executives believe they have cleared the way for the introduction of Degea now Degea to take action right away. “Aspen” believes that the biggest obstacle is Manchester United, Van Gaal said that if Real Madrid’s offer can not reach 49 million euros, it will not put Degea leave, while Manchester United is also trying to transfer and Rameau Degea Adams and Navas hooks.

In such a case, Real Madrid hope Degea can take a step, untie the knot of negotiations with Manchester United. However, Real Madrid also left FLAC, once Degea pressure on Manchester United to no avail, that Real Madrid would prefer to wait until next year to introduce Degea not promise high demand of Manchester United. Wednesday’s “Marca” played “Bind Degea” in the title, he said in the introduction Degea problems, Real Madrid came up with a brilliant idea: If you can not persuade Manchester United to release this year, and that Real Madrid will subsidize Deh Asia 5 million euros, so the Bernabeu next year can not spend a penny to introduce Degea.

De Gea has been very clearly told Manchester United that he wanted to leave Old Trafford, for which he rejected Manchester United’s contract requirements. The negotiations did not result, Degea Van Gaal insisted that he wishes to return to La Liga is. But so far, Degea pressure on Manchester United did not play much of a role, Real Madrid Manchester United put one hand in persuading people, on the other hand also hope Degea taken key steps, such as public “rebel.”

“Marca” revealed that Real Madrid would now like to introduce Degea top that has been very difficult, Manchester United has always adhere to the “two-for-one” principle, namely Real Madrid Nalamosi and Navas Degea change, but such Real Madrid top request was seen as a provocation. In the case of Casey left, Real Madrid will not sell Ramos and Ramos after Real Madrid to set the price is 90 million euros, Real Madrid can not Nalamosi enchant Degea, also labeled a Navas .

According to “Marca” saying, Degea somewhat aloof, but now it means that if the two clubs could not agree on it, he would not renew the case again at Manchester United until the year so that he can be next year free body transfer Bernabeu. Degea know, if he does not renew, not only facing economic losses, as well as Van Gaal may face the risk of being consigned to limbo, but Real Madrid are willing to subsidize his specific figures have come out: 500 million euros.

Interestingly, last summer, Manchester United and Degea almost reached a contract agreement, but the two sides did not sign. Week, two weeks, one month …… Degea do not know why the club not to renew with him. Later, he realized it was Van Gaal ordered a halt Degea renewal, because he wanted to introduce Navas. But Costa Ricans were away to Real Madrid, Manchester United Degea rest, and to re-open negotiations, the results of this Degea not agreed.

Thank you Casey! Real irreplaceable banner!


That day finally arrived, the legendary Real Madrid Casillas played his farewell to the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium in 16 years. “Marca” cover launched a harvest goddess Casillas stood waving to the fans avatar photo, won a brilliant scene, is used as a farewell picture. Real Madrid legend has become an agreement with Porto da, but Casey also made a farewell to the fans:. “I’ll miss you.”

Real Madrid are now bent on the pursuit Degea eyes now only new Real Madrid no longer cares for old friends of nature. When the team focused on preparing for the new season, Real Madrid executives do not want to see this once the main goalkeeper. The introduction of Casillas Porto accounted a great deal, they only have to pay 3.5 million euros of annual salary, while the rest continue to be paid by Real Madrid. At the end of last season, Casillas and Real Madrid executives met to obtain such a commitment: “You bring a move to the invitation, and we will do our best to help you with dignity to leave Real Madrid.”

Casillas will indeed leave with dignity, Friday, Real Madrid will be Casey held a grand farewell ceremony, regret, frustration, the emotion will definitely swarmed Casillas heart. Just last season, Casillas has repeatedly been the fans booed the team, although that final farewell will come one day, but some fans booed left Casillas tragic farewell how little color. But who would not forget the joy he has brought fans. Say goodbye to the fans, wearing the Real Madrid shirt will become figures recall, but then step journey, who would care about his heat volatilization was what?

Iker Casillas of Real Madrid and the Spanish Royal patron deserved, since 2002 he has become unshakeable club and national team goalkeeper, the 2008 European Cup to wear the captain’s armband, he was the World Cup in South Africa in the World Cup in five games zero closure opponents, for the Spanish team to bring the coveted World Cup. In Madrid, he was precocious, stable, brave, smart, and experienced team together through the trough, but more taste pinnacle of taste.

In the final stage Real Madrid Casillas Mourinho reluctant to bow to this end have been crying fans request for forgiveness: “I made a mistake in the game, I will work harder, and therefore are willing to give up starting position, I hope the fans continue to support us. “boy genius along the way, had to bow to fate. However, Ancelotti after he took office, Casillas is still a difficult situation, although the recovery of the main position last season, but his confidence took a hit, but also make their own fans booed Casey intolerable, he turned to the fans in the stands do an indecent gesture.

Derbyshire came to Barr Bath or worldly youth, farewell already passed vicissitudes thirties uncle, 25 years at Real Madrid Casillas, Real Madrid will kiss lawn, waving a wave do the last official farewell, leaving a place youth is past heartbreak. September 12, 1999, 18 years and 115 days of Casillas, Real Madrid became the first show in the history of La Liga staged the youngest goalkeeper, Athletic Bilbao in the away team’s game, was injured in Illgner , Toshack Casey gave me the opportunity first show. 2000 against Valencia in Paris, Casillas has written the history of the Champions League the most brilliant in the first page. Casillas starting debut, Real Madrid got a seat on the club’s eighth Champions League trophy, he also became the Champions League final youngest goalkeeper. 2002 Champions League final, Iker Casillas in the 68th minute to replace the injured Cesar debut, after the experience of becoming a legend. The final moments of his brave fighting three times, and after winning his tears also became part of Real Memory.

Casillas at Real Madrid won many honors, people thought Casillas will as a club legend at the Bernabeu when his home, he found himself and Hierro, Raul and other big brother, you can not retire at Real Madrid . Bernabeu metabolism drama continue to unfold, Casillas only reincarnation in a ring.

For many Real Madrid fans, Casillas is irreplaceable banner, C Ronaldo, but Bell will be posted in the “Galacticos” on expensive diamonds. Casillas fell in love when young people are aware of youth already flies, the past can not be repeated. Real bright galaxy in a hundred years, the Casillas is a symbol of loyalty of the most brilliant, but also represents a period with the graceful beauty of the way to win the game years. Casey’s Real Madrid career, many of them controversial late, can only know only after losing his prized. Raul, Casey have to leave, there is no local idols like losing the soul of Real Madrid, even with stars from around the world. This is the era of industrialization football, Mr. Jin Qiu, worth the world …… These can be cast iron bars most powerful “Galacticos”, but never found when the “nostalgia.” In an era of single-mindedness become rare, loyal veterans curtain call more grievous.

Modern football has become increasingly utilitarian, the only result of Heroes. In fact, not only the outcome of the football field, not just the winner takes all so simple. Unfortunately, the reality is too cruel. Casillas with five league titles and three Champions League bid farewell to Real Madrid fans, goalkeeper generation, perhaps it will be at this moment fade out from the mainstream of world football. Casey, goodbye!