Personality! Enrique won the opening class actually irony Barca still fear


Champions League finals ended, the Barcelona Olympic Stadium in Berlin 3-1 Juventus, crowned Triple Crown. After the match, Barcelona coach Enrique attended the post-match press conference.

Media now most concerned about is the future of Enrique, Barcelona Marshal replied to this:. “I’m not sure next season will not continue to coach Barcelona, ​​I wanted to enjoy the moment, tomorrow will be championship celebration I want This victory dedicated to those who trust in me, the first is Zubizarreta and his team, they finished a very good job. “This passage has been interpreted as Enrique senior team dissatisfaction.

Zubizarreta former Barcelona sports director, Enrique is the biggest supporter of the team. Earlier this year, Barcelona away defeat to Real Sociedad, Enrique and Macy conflict, the team once went to the brink of collapse. Team had chosen to Zubizarreta dismissed rumors that once Enrique will leave the team together, this decision barca let Enrique very dissatisfied. This is not the first time Enrique Zubizarreta in public support, disagreement between the executives will also become the biggest obstacle he continue as coach.

About the game, Enrique said: “This is a very exciting final, Juventus’s performance is the top, caused us a lot of trouble, but we also created a lot of chances, no doubt, we are. create Barcelona’s history. We started very perfect, the first time the opportunity to grasp, Buffon’s state or always good, Juventus second half performance gives us a lot of pressure. ”

“I never thought we could get the Triple Crown, but the players never lost the desire to win. Six-time winner? I just want to enjoy the night, and then tomorrow is the procession, others talk about it later. Our season has played 60 games, won 50 games, now is the time to celebrate the past decade, Barcelona is Europe’s most successful team. ”

Although Messi did not score, but Enrique still give him high marks: “Messi did not score, but he still decided the game, the team’s second goal is derived from him feet. Messi is our best player. ”

For the game to score Suarez and Neymar, Enrique also gives high marks: “When we consider the introduction of Suarez, we believe that his strength, but also doubts, because he has to face on an entirely different system, we do not know whether he can adapt to Barcelona. It now appears that this is one of our best signings, we spent a lot of money on him, he places the desire to return to championship team. ”

“Neymar did very well last season, this season’s performance is called amazing. He grew up very fast, whether technical or performance, he has become one of the good players in the world.”