Italy demon soldiers live music Ibrahimovic AC Milan came along so he broke out


Italy’s 1-1 draw with Croatia. Shala Wei has become Italy’s Jones, he is quite unexpected starter in the game which has a very good play. The Italian genius finally got my confidence back in the national team next season, he is still likely to usher in the explosive at AC Milan.

Conti unexpected evolutions, he put into the 4-3-3 formation from 3-5-2, which is Italy coach after taking office rarely used formation. Yimobilai team before the main striker and Zaza all been abandoned, and Chaaraoui winger position has ushered in the opportunity, he appeared in the left wing position, although some long war, but salad Victoria’s performance was impressive, repeatedly creating a threat of attack, he can be said to become Italy’s Jones.

The first 10 minutes, De Silvestri right pass, high center Pellet header ferry, Chaaraoui alert Tuishe network in the middle at 4 meters, but no referee whistled for offside, but from slow motion view, this is a very controversial penalty. When the Italian players surrounded the referee theory justified, Croatia has been playing the counterattack, and the formation of a five hit 3, and ultimately by the Man Chu Keech the ball goal nets. Italy may have been leading a ball, but now they turn behind a ball.

However, “Sky Sports” after the game: “Chaaraoui performance did not make Conti disappointed, he is very sharp in the left wing counterattack, he slowly recovered some of the state.” “Gazzetta dello Sport” also said: “Salad Dimensional Restrictions Croatia wing attack works well, and his personal attack is also a marked improvement, he is among the highlights of Conti 4-3-3. ”

In the past season, Chaaraoui play is not satisfactory, an entire season in which he only scored three league goals. On the one hand, he has been plagued by injuries, on the other hand he was among Inzaghi tactical system, play is also not good. But from his point of view in the national team play, he is still a very strong player, especially in the back among his speed, his breakthrough is very good. So even though AC Milan may usher in the summer than the big striker, including Ibrahimovic, Jackson – Martinez, but for Chaaraoui, he would still have his chance, his type and Ibrahimovic, Martin Martinez is not the same, as long as he stayed healthy, under the driving Ibrahimovic, he might usher in a season of the outbreak.