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Online Squad Builder

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Online Squad Builder

Post by Sharpie on Thu Sep 29 2011, 20:29

Many of you will be aware of the Ultimate Database that has come in very handy for people wanting to find out the price of players.
Well, now is has gotten even better with the addition of a squad creator!
This is something I have thought would be a genius idea but the scripting for it would be very difficult, but the guy has pulled it off!

First, to make your squad, go to SquadCreator

Next, you will be greeted by this screen,

Pick the conditions you want for your team. For this example I am going to simply try to make the best team possible in 4-4-2 formation.

Next, you will see something like what FUT looks like, and you can find the best players to go in each position.

Unfortunately, it is still very glitchy at the moment, so I was unable to make a team okay but this definitely has potential to be something great!

EDIT: Seems only to be glitchy when choosing multiple leagues, check out this BPL team I made:

The problems are still there however, as because some players have never been sold, especially on PS3, their avg. price = 0. This makes the database believe that this team would cost just 350k on PS3, but 2.5 mil on xbox okay. Still, this looks exciting for building teams though!


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