Knight is pursuing All-Star players

According to the US media reports, the Cavaliers are still continuing to get through the deal Paul – George. At the same time, if Carmelo Anthony bought the contract by the Knicks, then the Cavaliers have the best chance to get him(click buy nba 2k17 mt).

Today, the famous NBA reporter Mark – Stein broke the news that this year’s draft before the start of the General Assembly, knights and pedestrians, the Nuggets discussed a tripartite transaction involving George and Loew.

If the deal is reached, the knight can not only get George, but also get the “Orc” Ferry Ed. Unfortunately, the tripartite deal failed to reach, but the Cavaliers did not give up on George’s fight because they believed that George’s arrival would help them win the championship.

Recently, another well-known NBA reporter Wende Horst said, if Anthony and Wade are bought in the summer contract, they may go to the Cavaliers and James together.

In the past year, the Knicks have been selling Anthony, but no results. If Carmelo Anthony was bought by the Knicks, the Cavaliers had the best chance of getting 2k17 mt at nbamtcoins