Clippers victorious warriors

Taiwan 106-125 lost to the Clippers. Clippers two consecutive victories. Lewis Williams scored 50 points and seven assists, eight-for-16 from the field, and CJ Williams lost 12 points and DeAndre – Jordan 10 points and 12 rebounds. Tailun Wallace off the bench 22 points, Harel 14 points. The Warriors ended in five straight, but kept the league number one position. Stephen Curry and Cray Thompson missed, Kevin Durant returned with 40 points, scoring 14 of his 18-for-18 from the field and 12 of 7 from 3-pointers. Zaza-Pachulia 12 points , Others failed to double. Demley – Green 7 points, 10 rebounds and 4 assists.

Warriors off before the game, Curry sprained his ankle during training, though not serious, but for security reasons, or let him rest. And Clay – Thompson did not play, “water” brother the first time this season, at the same time out. Warriors ushered in Durant, led by him one team, the Warriors first half very well, but in the third quarter there was a problem with the defense, the attack can not open, the Clippers comeback.

Both sides attack and attack, do not force in the defense. Durant scored 4 of the first 5 shots, one scored 11 points, but the Warriors were still behind. This section there are 2 minutes and 10 seconds, Andre Iguodala hit third, the Warriors only 29-27 go-ahead. Harel layup also a ball, the Clippers will level the score, but the last 2 minutes of this section, the Clippers hit a ball, the Warriors lead again 35-32. Durant continued to cut the second quarter points. In the middle of this section, he hit and caused foul three-pointers, with a penalty shot scored 4 points, and then he succeeded in the cast and sent assists, the Warriors hit 8-0, 48-42 lead. The Clippers led by Wayway, he hit two-thirds twice, the Clippers hot pursuit, the first half only 58-62 behind.

Warriors first half hit rate of 54.5%, 3-of-12 shooting 5, Durant 10 voted 9, got 25 points, he just broke 20,000, becoming the second youngest player to go this step, only Next to James. Clippers hit rate of 44%, 6-pointers in 6 shots. Three pairs, Lu Wei 13 points, CJ-Williams and Jordan each have 10 points, Jordan also grabbed nine rebounds.

Clippers leak missed the rain, the third quarter hit less than 1 minute, CJ-Williams injured to leave. This is unacceptable fact for Williams, he was a two-way player, waiting for the Clippers to give a guaranteed contract, but such an injury, basically soaked. Clippers are not hit, but more crazy attack, but also strengthened the defense. Their efforts have paid off and have risen from a point of 9 points behind. In the middle of this section, they launched a wave of 16-2, 88,83 gains in one fell swoop. Lu Wei scored 11 points in this wave of attacks. At the end of this section, Lu Wei also hit the third, the Clippers to 97-90 into the final section.

Warriors crashed in the fourth quarter. This section played half, they only hit a ball, the Clippers shot 14-2 attack wave, in one fell swoop to 111-97 throw off the opponent. Durant hit two consecutive shots, led his unit to recover the score 102-115, but others were mediocre, the Warriors defensive roleless, failed to narrow the gap to single digits. Lost suspense, Loughway still on the pitch, there are 29.2 seconds when the game, he hit a record far beyond the third, scoring 50 points, setting a personal career record. Clippers unexpected victory, and Durant returned overnight loss.source: