Mata Nance Pres ball at the child will fight Manchester United 3-1 Barcelona

2015/16 season, Manchester United pre-season warm-up match in the second start competing California Monument, Manchester United 3 to 1 to win the San Jose Earthquakes, Mata head start, Pres ball at the child, teenager Pereira goal. Manchester United next game will be against Barcelona.

Manchester United discharge and International Champion Cup first round this season the same starting lineup. Pres to break through the edge of the area shot was saved, Rooney grab the ball, but Mata restricted the right of small-angle shot hit the side net. Rooney then intentionally skipped – Luke Shaw left the restricted area pass, but it follow the Pres small edge of the area missed the ball. Shinaidelin far point pick tactical corner volley hooked back in front, but the other guard robbed in Phil – Jones siege before. Manchester United 32 minutes to break the deadlock, Ashley – Young left the restricted area back pass, go past Pierre Lacy Mata restricted left side after mass shooting, trying to poke Pres did not hit the ball, then the ball hit the right column network.

Manchester United 36 minutes to expand the score, Pierre Lacy return Pooh errors, Pres restricted left side 10 yards single-handedly Tuishe network, 2-0. San Jose Earthquakes pulled one back 42 minutes, Salinas is unable to turn around and go past  bottom line return, Arash small edge of the area ahead of Phil РJones fired before the net, 1-2. Manchester United subsequently also missed scoring opportunities, Ashley РYoung 10 yards missed the ball, Mata 14 yards shot was blocked. Before halftime, Pres pass, Mata 10 yards low shot by goalkeeper denied by the legs.

Van Gaal still at halftime to replace all line-up, the new aid Schweinsteiger played. United controlled the slow rhythm of the game, Pereira lack long-range threat, Evans cross Marin nearly steals the opponent. The first 61 minutes, ere back pass, Lingard restricted the right pass, unguarded Pereira before hoisting a small restricted area network, 3-1. Manchester United defender deliberately kept stable, Wilson frontcourt lack of support. San Jose goalkeeper corner attack errors, but Marin Dianshe volley from 12 yards higher. Manchester United winning streak in the international Champions League.