Howard trades to the Hornets

Eagles and Hornets have reached a major deal, the Hawks will be the former All-Star Center Dwight – Howard deal to the Hornets.

In this deal, the Hawks will be Howard and this year’s No. 31 pick to the Hornets, and get Myers – Plumley, Marco – Berinelli and this year’s No. 41 pick.

This is the first deal of the Hawks’ new general manager, Travis-Schulinger, and is a major deal.

From the Hawks this deal can be seen, they have decided to start the reconstruction. Because last week, Schulenke admitted that they might release the All-Star power forward Paul Millsap this summer because the eagle could not provide Millsap with the biggest contract he could get.

If the eagle does not leave Millsap, then there is no need to stay Howard. Last summer, Howard signed a three-year, $ 70 million contract with the Hawks. Obviously, Howard has long been no longer the courage of the year, but also with the Hawks tactical system is not blending

It is worth mentioning that Howard and Hornets coach Steve – Clifford has some origins. When Howard played in the Magic, Clifford served as Stan – Van Gundy’s assistant.

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Bravo: Barca will constantly be in my heart

Chilean goalkeeper Claudio Bravo, 33, completed his move to Manchester City from Spanish champions Barcelona on Thursday.

Manchester City recruit Claudio Bravo penned an open and heartfelt farewell letter to everyone related with Barcelona, a club who will constantly have a place in his heart.
Bravo ended his trophy-laden two-year spell at the Camp Nou on Thursday, joining Pep Guardiola’s revolution at Premier League giants City on Thursday.
The 33-year-old Chile international goalkeeper won it all in Barcelona, claiming two LaLiga titles, the Champions League, as well as the Copa del Rey, Supercopa de Espana, UEFA Super Cup and FIFA Club Globe Cup.
And Bravo utilised Twitter and Instagram to provide a final farewell for the Spanish champions.
“I want to express in these lines what is going through my head now that the time has come to say goodbye to such a grand institution as FC Barcelona, whose colours I’ve been in a position to proudly defend for two seasons,” Bravo wrote.
“The way I’ve been treated by the coaching employees at FC Barcelona, for the moments I’ve knowledgeable with such excellent players, for the love of all the club staff and, needless to say, for the assistance and affection that the fans have shown to me at all times.
“I can say which you have created me really feel at dwelling and Barca will usually have a location in my heart.”

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