D’Antoni made a rally after shooting 50 shots per game

Houston Rockets are now the NBA favorite to vote for three points of the team, and their coach Mike – D’Antoni is the Rockets hope that the rest of the season each game are cast 50 three-pointers(click buy 2k17 mt).

Back in November last year, when the Rockets in a game cast 50 three-pointers, it makes people feel incredible, because they are the first single game in NBA history cast 50 three-point ball team.

However, only three months later, the Rockets coach D’Antoni said he hoped the Rockets could throw 50 three-pointers per game.

The Rockets have fired at least five three-pointers in seven games, including 61 three-pointers with a pelican record since the three-pointers in November last year.

So far, NBA history, single-game three-pointers shot the first four were the Rockets swept.

Yesterday the Rockets beat the Timberwolves in the game, the Rockets scored 142 points, three-pointers shot 58 times, and they are outside the area and the three-point line within a total of only one ball into the ball. This is obviously the Rockets general manager Morey’s favorite game.

Yesterday after the game, the famous ball rating Bill – Simmons wrote on Twitter: “The Rockets cast 58 three points, fined 42 balls, any time the number of three shots and free throws up to 100 times, it Should be called Morey. ”

It is worth mentioning that this season when the Rockets in a game shot at least 50 three-pointers, their record of 6 wins and 2 losses.click nba 2k17 myteam

AC Milan Dimaliya

AC Milan this summer to invest in the offensive line was very great, buy 入巴卡 and Adriano greatly enhanced the strength of the team up front, while the other attacker squad faces competition is growing, how to use Chaaraoui also Italian media to AC Milan coach Mihajlovic issue raised in the Italian media opinion, Mijares will use Chaaraoui reference Dimaliya position, from winger to midfield, “Mary Style “.

Chaaraoui more accustomed position or act as a video front behind the strikers or three strikers occupy 4-4-2 formation left and cruising on the left. “Gazzetta dello Sport,” the AC Milan coach Michal indicates the position he wants to try to get Chaaraoui left midfield, as Carlo Ancelotti’s men as Mary.
Personally, I would like to see Chaaraoui appear as a striker, he needs more space, “the former AC Milan midfielder Demetrio Albertini said,” Chaaraoui different characteristics and Mary, he did not Dimaliya , Isco or characteristics as J Lo, he may not play the midfield position. ”

Miha Why let Chaaraoui midfield idea what Italian media said, because Chaaraoui often actively back on defense to help defender, which also gave Michal inspiration. Italian media said Michalis placement Chaaraoui this will also reduce the pressure on the shoulders, because you can make a small Pharaoh midfield more goals no longer bear the pressure.

For Chaaraoui midfield, his enlightenment in Genoa youth team coach 斯布拉瓦蒂 expressed support, “I took him, he would often play in midfield, in my opinion, that is the real part of his position he can play three midfielders, when he had the chance, when he can into the box, but he can defend, he is always ready to sacrifice for the team the kind of player, even play forward, too, he is not kind of just want to brush data scoring players in my team, and he also became a 4-4-2 formation late in the winger, AC Milan before he became a shooter. ”
斯布拉瓦蒂 also explained Chaaraoui facing difficulties, “he went into a season in AC Milan nearly 20 goals, people began comparing him with Neymar, which made him the enormous pressure, and now people always that he is every season that into 20 balls, but in fact he can become a better midfielder, he scored 7-8 goals a season and have more freedom. “