Bryant no longer accept the locker room interview

Yesterday, Lakers and Wizards After the game, Bryant acknowledged that this could be the last of his career at the end of the Lakers game interviews with the media in the locker room.

Yesterday after the game, the Lakers vice president of public relations – John Blake told the media, Bryant is likely to usher in his career, the last time at home after the game locker room interview. This season, the Lakers left four home games. According to this news, Bryant only accept large quantities of media interviews at a news conference at the end of the four games.

Subsequently, when a reporter to verify the matter Bryant, Bryant said with a smile: “I could not even see you I will miss this scene might do, yes I accept in this locker room had many interviews.?. . ”

“I will always remember (locker room interviews) is my Achilles tendon rupture that.” Bryant added.

Lakers’ last four home games have a great attraction, first against the Heat, this is the last played against Kobe Bryant and Dwyane Wade. The next two opponents are the Celtics (Lakers enemies) and the Clippers (Lakers rivals).

April 14, the Lakers will face the Jazz at home, this is the Lakers’ last game of the season, Bryant also farewell fight.

Bryant emphasized to the media after the game yesterday, he plans to be in the rest of the season in all competitions are debut. At the same time, he also did not forget to laugh at friends in the media: “Yes, I will miss watching you stand here and elbowing each other.”

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It is cowardly Neymar has to select Copa America or Olympics – Ronaldo

Neymar is most likely to possess to choose between representing Brazil at the Copa America or Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

Brazil good Ronaldo says it really is “cowardly” that Neymar has to pick between playing in the Copa America or the Rio 2016 Olympics later this year.
A special centenary occasion on the Copa America will take place in June, hosted by the United states of america, when Brazil’s Under-23s will compete in the Olympic Games in August as the host nation.
Neymar is anticipated to only be permitted to play in 1 of these tournaments, with Barcelona wanting one of their star forwards to have a decent break for the duration of the off-season.
Nevertheless, Ronaldo believes it is actually wrong that Neymar has choose which competitors he wants to play in.
“This scenario is very complicated for the player,” the Planet Cup winner said for the duration of the presentation of his new school of football, the Ronaldo Academy.
“I believe it’s cowardly that he has to pick what competition he wants to play in.
“What we see is handful of care concerning the calendar, and we see extra games and much more competitions, along with the players have less vacation time.”
Asked which competitors he would decide to play in, Ronaldo stated he would favor to fight for Brazil’s initially gold medal in football at their household Olympics.
“I would opt to play within the Olympics,” the 39-year-old added. “It will be one thing unheard of if they could get a gold medal at the Games in Rio.
“I never know what the scenario is like, but ideally, how superb it could be for Neymar to tell that story.”


Bryant Cheng pro career is his strongest enemy

Kobe Bryant and Byron – Scott recently participated in the activities of the Lakers Youth Foundation, and was interviewed. When asked about their own career encountered the strongest opponent, Bryant and Scott have given the same answer – Michael – Jordan(more nba 2k16 myteam points).

“? It seriously.” Faced with this problem, Bryant said with a smile, “- Michael Jordan.”

Then, Scott was asked the same question, and his answer is Jordan. Scott was also looking at Kobe, and said with a smile:. “My face is the pinnacle of Jordan”

Throughout his career, Bryant has long been used to compare with Jordan. Jordan is not only Bryant’s big brother, is a mentor.

No doubt, Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant are ranked first and second in the history of the NBA shooting guard, and they are all very great scorer. It regretted that Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant can not meet in their peak period. But they are in the NBA still had some wonderful alignment.

Anyway, Bryant has been put beyond the Jordan as its goal, and he learned a lot from Jordan technical body, which makes Bryant became the NBA recognized the man closest to now

Werder Bremen appeal three-game ban for Djilobodji

Papy Djilobodji has been suspended for 3 matches for unsportsmanlike behaviour, but Werder Bremen have appealed the sanction.

Werder Bremen have appealed the three-game ban handed to Papy Djilobodji for unsportsmanlike conduct immediately after generating a throat-slitting gesture in the 1-1 draw with Mainz on Saturday.
The 27-year-old, on loan at Werder from Chelsea, produced the signal at a grounded Pablo de Blasis immediately after battling for possession together with the attacker through the Bundesliga clash, anything the German Football Association (DFB) took a dim view of.
Nevertheless, Werder refuse to accept the DFB’s decision and have appealed the centre-back’s suspension.
“Werder happen to be told by the DFB that Papy Djilobodji has been handed a three-match ban. Werder don’t agree with this choice and have decided to appeal the choice,” a statement around the Bremen internet site study.
“Papy Djilobodji has been accused of unsportsmanlike conduct. The disciplinary board have produced the selection in accordance with the ban they gave to Deniz Naki in 2009.”
Former St. Pauli man Naki was sanctioned back in 2009 for a related gesture toward Hansa Rostock fans, but Bremen CEO Thomas Eichin believes you’ll find significant differences among both circumstances.
“We keep that the ruling of a three-match ban is unjustifiable,” Eichin commented.
“Above all, we believe that, under the situations, the severity and also the wrongdoing within this case was lesser than that with the Naki case.”
Djilobodji is already resulting from serve a one-match ban immediately after collecting 5 yellow cards this season.

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