Liverpool CEO Ayre: Gerrard reunion on the cards

LA Galaxy’s Steven Gerrard could face his former club for the very first time subsequent summer season in Liverpool’s pre-season tour from the United states of america.

Steven Gerrard may very well be in line to face Liverpool for the very first time subsequent year right after chief executive Ian Ayre admitted the club are considering a pre-season tour of the Usa in 2016.
Liverpool travelled across the Atlantic in 2014 in preparation for their Premier League campaign and are broadly anticipated to announce a return, which could include things like a reunion with former captain Gerrard, who left for LA Galaxy at the get started with the season.
Ayre has revealed he will talk about the concept with Gerrard before the final decision.
“Absolutely, that is a thing we’ve got on our radar of concepts,” he told the BBC.
“Steven is back in Liverpool at the moment and I’m sure we’ll get a likelihood to catch up and see what he thinks about that as an idea.
“It’s brilliant we’ve got Steven within the US industry, he’s been such a terrific servant to Liverpool and for him to become right here – hopefully telling people how great the club is, if they don’t already know.
“That can only be very good for us.”
Liverpool spent time in Boston, New York, Chicago, Charlotte and Miami on their final tour to the US but Ayre admits the former England skipper’s history will be taken into consideration.
“We’ll come for the US next summer season for specific,” he added. “We do not have any data of exactly where. We’re attempting to appear at possibly the west coast, plus a tiny bit of your east coast.
“Typically we’ve carried out the east coast inside the previous so perhaps the west coast, but nevertheless negotiating with several people and who and where we’ll play, but we’re often excited.
“We’ve done it before and always get a fantastic reception, so we appear forward to it.

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